Top 3 apps everyone will have by 2021

According to Skywork Solutions (an Apple and Android mobile chip provider), there will be an estimated 75 billion connected devices by 2025. Here is a list of our top 3 apps that everyone will have by 2021.

An AR Driven App

Augmented Reality (aka AR), technology is here and it is the next big innovation that will make an impact on how we can better exchange information and operate with accuracy. AR is not VR (Virtual Reality), instead AR adds layers of information to your reality. AR can be best explained as computer vision or machine learning where information can be translated and altered to keep you informed. An example of this is if you want to visualise how an object will look like on you or your surroundings.

With the power of AR you can easily achieve this in real time by not having to build or purchase the item… call this the new “try before you buy” how cool and clever is that! 
AR can also be built in mobile applications. Give it a go and download the app, ABSCO Sheds. The innovative team at ABSCO Sheds have embraced AR by integrating it into their mobile app allowing customers to examine their choice of shed and how it will look like within the desired surrounding. Mobile apps with AR can create or recreate anything, empowering people with limitless possibilities on problems they want to solve.

Work / Personal Management App

Ok let’s talk Elon Musk, he’s a busy man right! In between endless interviews, 5 children oh and… designing and engineering revolutionary automobiles, his name should be added to the definition of busy. So how do people like him as well as many other time poor humans best manage their days to be effective and productive? Web and time management apps is key to keeping manic days organised! Although calendars are great for day to day reminders of meets and tasks, much more is needed when collaborating with a team for optimal productivity and impotently, concise communication on clear business projects and objectives.

Recruiters Life is a CRM for recruiters which add much more usability and productivity in well you guessed it… a Recruiters life. Same goes for, Slack, Jira Cloud and Trello (just to name a few), are all fantastic management mobile apps and is the way of the future on how we operate to help support this era of the agile work life style. There are many more practical apps and CRM’s like these to help manage and operate life and work harmoniously and when control is handy on an app, you literarily have the power in your hands!

Social Networking App

Whether it’d be social or business related, it’s safe to say that most of us are already on some form of social media networking group. Our lifestyle is forever evolving and with that the way we choose how we like to converse and perceived. Having presence on a social media app allows us to be connected to the world at large, giving us the autonomy and capabilities to share and potentially influence those who are in your group.

One thing that has changed is how we make ourselves accessible… let’s talk “Dating” What does the dating process look like to you? Once upon a not so long time ago one would have been expected to meet their date at the front door with flowers, chocolates and well, a well-planned day…. today a date can be a 30-minute meet at a cafe. For most of us we want to feel a connection – we want to be loved, we want to be validated. Dating apps like, Now allows us to have true connections with a wider reach to others who are potentially looking for the same. The name of the game in this digital dating trend is that you have to be online to get offline.

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