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Recruiters Life is one of our most extensive software developments built to completely automate the recruitment process for the construction industry. One of the most powerful freelance recruiters software available.

Being one of a kind on the market this project was a challenge that is paying dividends for our client. Internality this software has the capability to manage more than 100,000 recruiters across the globe, to match candidates and job positions.


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It is built on more than 5 layers of user experience design, and more than 3 full product interactions to ensure every pixel is working how it should, built from the client’s idea.

We completely build RecruitersLife from scratch, leveraging our many strategic meetings over more than 6 weeks, with strong communications, using user flows diagrams to demonstrate the key user experience.

Soon after we built client product wireframes, and he loved them. Our brand team then began creating brand identity, and user interface designs.

We gave expert UX/UI design, Illustration branding, front-end development, and backend development. More than 9 of our team members worked on specific tasks to bring RecruitersLife to market.

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