Hello Tiger – Video Speed Dating App

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Hello Tiger is a Video Speed Dating App. Chat to people face-to-face for a minute, then both users are given the option to extend for a certain amount of time to chat further, or to terminate the chat.

If extended, after an additional chat choose to either terminate or go to a face-to-face chat with no time limit.


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Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.

Visit Hello Tiger’s landing page here.



Full development services was provided by Appello Software. The project started in February 2021 and took 3.5 months to complete. We will be maintaining and adding new features as time goes by.

The app was designed by our UI/UX designers, and the development team consisted of a back and front-end engineer as well as a QA engineer led by our project manager, Sebastian.



We are using the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms for usability and global scalability.

React Native (iOS & Android)
Python Django Framework for backend
AWS Servers/Instances
Super Admin Panel

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